Home of the Revoluntionary Ventilated Turbo Pulley

The VTP has a combination of design and quality casting which has resulted in a weight reduction of 50% to 60% compared to conventional V-belt pulleys.

This gives our clients the following benefits:

  • The life of the V-belts is increased due to the ventilated grooves resulting in lowering working temperatures (10°C-17°C).
  • Lower weight means less moments of inertia and requires smaller bearings. Also logistic costs are reduced.
  • The VTP® has a new design made from Spheroidal Graphite cast iron resulting in smaller tensions in the pulley.
  • VTP® Pulleys make it possible to use the V-belt transmissions at higher ambient temperatures.
  • The VTP® is shock resistant, diminishing risk of damage during transport and mounting.
  • Allows more than a doubling of the belt speed (up to 100m/s). Test @ 130m/s.
  • The new surface treatment of ACC® Autophoretic Coating Chemicals ensures improved rust protection.

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